Support, Consulting, Workshops, Courses, Speeches and Seminar

JCQ Center Global’s Consulting, Workshops, Courses and Speeches can help with focus on:

  • How to - via company development of positive health climate and new communication structures - improve employees health and work, for example development of work stress-risk reduction programs
  • How to achieve new internal structures for work processes, new external interfaces, and new goals and values for organizations as a whole as we face evolving global, community and environmental priorities
  • Organizational Diagnostic Plan and Process assessments: JCQ and JCQ2

  • Work Re-Organization with Health and Innovation Focus

Workshop based on experimental learning from engagement tool

  • Innovation-relevant Communication

Conducive Economy Model-based - on extension of Demand/Control Model’s “active work” hypothesis

  • Stress / Health Management

  • Organization Re-design Consultancy

  • Multi-Level Change Process Support

  • Stress-Disquilibrium Theory - an extension of Demand/Control Model’s “job strain” hypothesis