JCQ Center Global


Headquarters: Danmark

Robert Karasek

Professor, Founder, Director and International Coordinator for scientific product, copyright holder & originator for JCQ and JCQ2

Founder & Director at Øresund Synergy

MIT PhD, originator of world’s most used work content (Job Strain/Active Work) prediction model (Demand/Control Model).

Professor Emeritus in Department of [Work] Psychology at Copenhagen University

Professor Emeritus at University of Massachusetts Lowell (Boston) US

Past professor of Industrial Engineering at Columbia University and USC in US         

Eva Ørum

Partner, Manager & Work and Organization Psychologist Cand.Psych. Copenhagen University

Business Psychologist: Work-, Organization- and Management Psychology - Subjective Well-being and company development

JCQ Consultant

General Manager at ØresundSynergy


JCQ CENTER Global offers International Consultation and Courses by our Consultant groups from:


North America (East Coast), Africa

North America (Canada/ Mexico)

North America (West Coast – N. Asia/ Pacific)

Asia Pacific/ N. Europe/ South America







For the development of research JCQ Center Global has an internationally recognized group of scholars from major universities and institutes on four continents. Themselves authors of numerous scientific articles, their stature is attested to by their leadership role organizing world conferences in our product area. JCQ International Scientific Board and the JCQ2 Pilot Study Author are from:

USA, East and West coasts



Germany - Berlin, Dusseldorf

Sweden - Malmo-Lund

Japan -Tokyo

South Korea - Seoul


Asia Pacific region